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Marmorina kg 1

4,00 VAT included

product information
Shipping on: 19 Nov 2019


Lastix plus

14,88 VAT included

Lastix and 'consists of a special pre-vulcanized rubber solution and stabilized, then get ready to' use. Lastix and 'particularly suitable for the construction of elastic molds without welding, for all types of figures, sculptures and objects

Shipping on: 19 Nov 2019


Artform - Alginate

15,00 VAT included

product information


Silgum Paste

15,86 VAT included

Silgum Paste is the new rubber molds, practical and easy to use.



Pourable silicone rubber - kg 1

25,00 VAT included

Pourable silicone rubber and catalyst.

1 kg.

Shipping on: 19 Nov 2019


Silicone rubber spatula

28,00 VAT included

Silicone rubber spatula for vertical applications and catalyst.

1 kg

Shipping on: 19 Nov 2019


Silplay 184 - Silicon rubber for food

42,00 VAT included

Shipping on: 19 Nov 2019